Diana, in Pictures

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. In my own case, I have to wonder whether the words are worth speaking. Worthy or not, here they are, a pictorial history of the person that is Diana Athena Clarion.

Unlike many of us, I do not attempt to bury my past. They have their reasons, I have mine. I see the person that I am as very much dependent upon the person that I was. Without him, I would not be me. My openness in this respect has cost me dearly, but I still find it necessary.

Here, then, I present what I can find of a photographic history spanning more than a half-century. Please find, in it, what you may; I hope that what you do find, you will find useful.

Click on a thumbnail or its caption for a larger view and some descriptive information.

Before the Beginning
Something was up, but I had to learn what it was.

1960 June 1963 August 1973 May 1995 April 1996

Diana begins to emerge.

May 2005 October 2005 October 2005 February 2007 November 2008 November 2008

It was time. I could hide no longer.

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