August 1973

This photo, showing its age and the loving neglect that my parents gave it, is my high school graduation photograph. For reasons known only to the Parma City School District, it was shot at the beginning of the school year, rather than near the end.

My advisor at Marietta College once described my expression as austere. I'm not so sure that I see austerity; perhaps I romantacize, but I think that I see someone trying to hide searing emotional pain. I was alone by virtue of my hyperintelligence and my manner; in acting class later that year, Mr. Mayer would humorously state that he would cast me in a rôle no younger than forty-five. By now I had already asked my self the question Am I like Christion Jorgenson, and what the hell do I do if I am? The weight pressed upon my shoulders, and would for years to come.

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