The Heinz Chapel Project

Completed in 1938 on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh, the Heinz Memorial Chapel was dedicated to the memory of Henry John Heinz (the H J Heinz of pickle fame) and his mother, Anna Margaretta Heinz. Built in the neo-Gothic style, it has the distinction of honoring secular, as well as religious, figures in its decoration.

I undertook the Heinz Chapel Project in the spirit of Ansel Adams' Projects, such as the Mural Project and National Park Project. In so doing, it was my intention to honor a photographer for whom I have the utmost respect. I pray that I have been successful.

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North Face, at Dawn North Face, Framed by Trees South Face, Against Clouds Main Entrance View Toward Chancel, from the Gallery Choir Box and Console Back
Organ Console in Chancel James the Major, in Reredos St. John, in Reredos Prie Dieu, in Chancel Reredos and Chancel Window Chancel Vault and Windows Detail of Wood Carving, in Chancel
Pulpit View Across Nave, at Chancel Rail South Aisle South Celestory, with Organ Pipes North Celestory, from Gallery Spiral Staircase and Temperance Window
Narthex and Gallery Windows Gallery Windows South Transept Windows Truth Window Washington and Cornplanter, Temperance Window Frances E Willard and Grover Cleveland, Temperence Window
Louis Pasteur, Truth Window Mary Lyon, Truth Window Settling of Maryland, Tolerance Window Dorothea Dix, Tolerance Window The First Thanksgiving, Courage Window Christmas, 1620, Courage Window Dedication
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