Starting Over Again, Again

One chapter closes, another opens. There are those who complain of fraud in subsidised housing. It exists, to be sure, but those who most vociferously complain of it are looking in the wrong place. Instead of attacking the tenants, the easy targets, they would do better to look to the building owners who snap up the subsidies and let the units go to ruin. Such was the case of the Bethesda Homewood properties in Pittsburgh.

We were told that we had to relocate (a euphamism for being displaced) when inspection scores dropped year after year, and HUD finally pulled their subsidies. I suppose that I am one of the lucky people; probably fewer than half of the four to five hundred of us displaced will find housing that we can afford. We are poor, after all, and are not supposed to have anything (words of wisdom from the MSB; the world is a better place now that he is dead). So now, I begin again, in a place on US Route 30, right next to Melon Shakers.

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