From Humble Beginnings

I once had dreams of a house, with space, a yard, roses, and perhaps a small swimming pool. I tried to rehab a house, but had to give that up when the winters of 2012-13 and 2013-14 nearly killed me. I didn't want to leave, especially not for government-subsidized housing in one of the worst neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, but my survival instinct was too strong, so here I am.

It's tiny (the entirety of the apartment encloses just over 300 ft2), but it has heat and indoor plumbing. I suppose that that's all I can ask (it's more than I had for two years), but I'm determined to make it a home. Here is a journal of that effort.

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2014-12-18: Moved In 2014-12-22: A Corner of Sanity(?) 2015-03-28: A Breakthrough 2015-04-06: Grocery Day

2015-04-26: Pictures At An Exhibition 2015-05-11: La Bicyclette de Homewood 2015-05-12: No, I'm Out of the Closet, Thank You 2015-05-13: Making Progress

2015-11-17: Ready for the Holidays 2015-12-19: What a Difference a Year Has Made! 2017-11-22: The End of an Era 2017-11-22: A Last Look
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